Tuesday, 20 June 2017

spiders (not from Mars)

Now I know some people are absolutely terrified of spiders.  But I love them.  I think they are marvels of genetic engineering: perfectly formed for their function as a killing machine.

I really wanted one as a pet but I wasn’t allowed.  So, I must make do with the hundreds that have taken up residence in my garden, weaving their webs everywhere meaning that I’m careful not to damage them as I wander around the place, watering and what not.

But it’s best not to get too attached to them as one morning they’ll be gone.  Food for the birds I guess.  Or other, bigger, spiders: the female of the species.

As you can imagine, they have been the subject of my photography interest and here are a couple of images from today.  Look away now if you really don’t like them!

perfect exoskeleton

fleur de lis

Sunday, 18 June 2017

time passages

I’ve always liked nice watches.  Not hugely complex ones with multi dials and bezels, but nice simple ones.  I’ve always marvelled at their precision engineering.

So, it’s no surprise then that I’ve always had a nice watch.  Nothing hugely expensive, massive or ostentatious, but just a nice, well-made watch.

For my 40th birthday, my family clubbed together and bought me a lovely Seiko Kinetic one.  No battery.  No need to wind it.  Its movement was powered by my movement.  The strap and case were made of titanium with gold highlights.  I adored it.  Still do.

I wore it everywhere and it’s been to the top of mountains and the bottom of the sea with me, and it always kept perfect time.  Then, on 23rd October 2014, after over 10 years of absolutely faultless precision service, it stopped.  No reason, just refused to carry on working.  

Bizarrely though, this was the exact day I was diagnosed with my cancer.  How spooky is that?  Really, really spooky if you must know!

I made a decision to not get the watch repaired.  I wanted to keep it as a stark reminder of that day – frozen in time quite literally.  And so it remains, firmly stuck at 11.14am on 23rd October 2014.

I bought myself a replacement of course.  Another Seiko Kinetic one.  I hope it never stops.

Monday, 12 June 2017

orange orange orange orange

Everybody has a favourite colour.  Mine is green.  No, it’s orange of course!

Anyway, this spring we planted more flowers to attract bees, butterflies and other lovely insects into our garden.  My favourite one though has to be this orange one – a Geum (what an ugly name for a lovely flower) “Totally Tangerine”.  The colours are so vivid it’s no wonder bees are attracted to its pollen – sometimes it’s absolutely covered in them and they seem to buzz around it all day.

So, when this morning dawned dry and (sometimes) sunny, I had to get my camera out to capture it.  Of course, this then led to the wind, which had been totally absent, to immediately rise and blow the flower heads around.  Luckily it stopped for long enough to get this image. 

Hope you like it.

Totally Tangerine